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Congratulation on Winning Silver Award during International Innovation Arsvot Malaysia 2021 (IAM2021).


5 Reasons Why Being Competitive is a Good Thing

1.It will keep you motivated. Having a competitive nature prevents complacency or settling on past achievements. If we’re competitive, we can acknowledge and be satisfied with what we’ve achieved, but remain motivated to always improve.

2.It will generate more clarity. We cannot be competitive at something if we don’t know what we’re aiming for. By staying competitive, we’ll set ourselves new targets or goals we want to achieve and do things that will cause us to achieve faster progress.

3. It will inspire greater creativity. By wanting to do things better or achieve at a higher level, we’ll be required to become better problem-solvers and be more solution-driven, which are traits of being more creative. This can also lead to new innovations or breakthroughs.

4.It will cause you to do more self-reflection. If we’re competitive, we’ll be driven to do things better, which means we’ll have to evaluate our strengths, weakness and our habits. To improve our strengths or weaknesses, we must identify things we need to get better at, which are part of self-reflection.

5.It will make you develop new beliefs. How we see ourselves is reflected in how we act. If we see ourselves as someone who continually gets better, that will require us to take on new beliefs or strengthen our existing beliefs. If being competitive is causing us to grow and improve, while being respectful of others, it’s something we should embrace and not try to hide.

If we’re being competitive to be the best version of ourselves, it will help us be more successful and create a better career life.

Thanks to Malaysia JPK
( Department Skills Development)
for organized such a wonderful online contest for us.