Following recent announcements by Government on the prevention of Covid-19 restrictions, the impact of pandemic and the need to comply with public health guidance. SPIC continuity arrangements are being reviewed and managed in line with the latest government advice to reduce impact of student study progressing. 

SPIC understand that students may have queries or concerns as to how the Covid-19 pandemic may impact the delivery of any qualifications and any upcoming assessments / examinations. SPIC is closely monitoring the ongoing Covid-19 situation to support students with guided by the qualification regulators.

Q1: What can be done if I am unable back to the college and study as usual study time?

A: SPIC arranged online class by using Google Classroom, Google Meet or Zoom for all students. Tutors will inform latest study schedule for respective students follow courses.

Q2: What can be done if planned activities such as outdoor events, graduation ceremony, or team-building activities, but affected to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions or lockdown?

A: SPIC will be re-arranging all the activities has been planned, or switch to online mode such as live broadcast or social media to avoid the spreading of cases.

Q3: What can be done if I am unable join the International exchange program trip as planned?

A: SPIC will offer students to attend several online courses and might reschedule the exchange program trip once this pandemic is over, but this will be charging an extra cost.

Q1: What can be done if I am unable to attend the examinations/ assessments as planned in offline, but effected to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions or lockdown?

A: SPIC will follow ITEC & JPK official instructions and apply reschedule another assessments/ examinations date for impacted students. Probably students will request to attend online assessments/examinations.


SPIC will continue to update the FAQ document in these extraordinary circumstances. The priority is to ensure fairness to students whilst following government and public health advice.

If you have any queries about study progressing or any inquiry regarding SPIC, you may contact us at 04 226 2998.

All answer above is subject to SPIC management’s decision.

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